Wood Maintenance

Wood Care & Maintenance

Whether for the home or the workplace, solid wood products add a level of beauty, value and durability second to none. The good looks and durability of solid hardwood products including flooring, cabinetry, moulding or furniture, can last a lifetime by following these guidelines: The three seemingly harmless “things” are often not a friend to […]


American Oak vs Malaysian Oak

Another commonly asked question is; what is Malaysian Oak? Or rather, is there a difference between Malaysian and American Oak? Since they carry the same wood type, they must be the same, right? To answer this question, we need to investigate the 2 in detail. A quick check on wikipedia reveals the following; American Oak […]


Q & A

Q: If you’re selling real solid wood, then why is it so affordably priced? A: Because we work directly with manufacturers at the source. By manufacturers we mean THE factories that craft raw untreated timber into furniture and not distributors that merely move goods in bulk regardless of design. The high street prices you see […]