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Sofzsleep natural latex mattress- tried and tested 60000 times!

The Durability of Sofzsleep’s Mattresses Should Not Be Underestimated Besides being inherently hypoallergenic, Sofzsleep’s natural latex mattresses are also sturdy, and resistance to change. Whether you have slept on your Sofzsleep mattress for one year, or nine years, you will hardly feel any difference in its height, texture, resilience factor nor firmness. Each Sofzsleep mattress […]


Difference Between Sapwood and Heartwood

Sapwood You can usually spot the difference between the two distinct parts of the tree’s xylem if you were to view a crosscut of a mature hardwood tree’s trunk. Once you remove the comparatively thin outer layers, the tree is essentially made up of the sapwood, which is lighter colored wood, and heartwood, which is […]


16 Decorator Tricks for Small Apartments

Go Light Use light colors on the walls and floor. Softer hues can make a cramped room feel bigger and brighter. Hang a Mirror Place a mirror opposite a window and it will bounce light around the room, making the space feel airier. The bigger the mirror, the better. Sprinkle in Some Metallics A shimmery […]

Wood Maintenance

Maintaining Solid Oak Furniture

There are many reasons for choosing solid oak over other types of wood, but one of the most important is that oak is able to last, even prosper, for a greater length of time than the rest. Although soft and pliant when young, oak wood soon hardens and becomes tougher and tougher with age, which […]